Should I use Service Now or the Education Support Portal for my request?

The Education Support Portal (at provides support from the Digital Learning Team for the following:

  • New G-Suite (Google) accounts or bulk password resets
  • IT pre-purchase advice
  • Digital Learning Training and Certification (Google, Apple and Microsoft)
  • Glow - Help with account issues
  • Website help - Request a new or update to your school website. Report a website problem.
  • Digital Resource loans (Robotics, Computing Science, Digital Media Creation and more)
  • iPad App Purchases and advice
  • Advice and support on anything related to Digital Learning

Everything else IT related is looked after by your Primary Analysts via Service Now ( or call the Helpdesk on 01224 523434) including:

  • Education (Desktop) Logins
  • Password resets for the above
  • Deploying apps to your iPads
  • Any other IT issues
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