P7-S1 Transition - Marking P7 Pupils as Leavers (Primary)

Marking P7 Pupils as Leavers P7 pupil records should be sent to secondary schools no later than 31st March 2019. This will allow secondary schools to provisionally enrol pupils and gain access to their details in Click+Go. This can be done earlier if required. It is important that all P7’s medical records are up to date and correct, as well as all contacts and emergency contacts prior to marking them as leavers as Secondary Schools now receive this information with the provisional transfer. As pupils are being marked as leavers with a future leaving date (5th July 2019) they will still remain current pupils until that date. ##1. MARK LEAVERS Application - Admissions & Leavers - Leavers - Mark Leavers 1. Filter to find the appropriate pupil(s) (select the stage required i.e. P7) 2. Click on NEW LIST 3. Select pupils to leave for each zoned secondary school – this will activate right hand side screen. Remember to use zoned secondary school for the pupil postcode. 4. Select Scottish School this will then activate the Reason for Leaving field. Select from the drop down box (e.g.Transferred to another publicly funded school in Scotland) 5. Select the Leaving Date (Friday 6th July) using the drop down calendar or type the date in the correct format – this should be 05/07/2018 6. Filter to ‘All SEEMIS Schools’, Select ‘By Authority’, select Aberdeen and click on ‘New List’ 7. Select relevant Academy for chosen pupil(s) 8. Click on ‘Mark Selected Students As Leavers’ (A ‘Mark Leavers’ confirmation box will appear) 9. Click ‘OK’ (Repeat steps 1 to 9 as required for pupils going to different Academies) ##2. CHANGING LEAVING DESTINATION ###If it is later discovered that a pupil is no longer going to the secondary school that had been previously indicated, the secondary school must be advised so that the pupil can be rejected back to the Primary school. Only when the secondary school has rejected the record should the pupil be marked as a leaver to the next secondary school (when the secondary school rejects the record, a rejection message will appear on the home screen of Click+Go and the details of this will be visible in the Cancel Leaver screen). To change the leaving destination follow the instructions below. Application - Admissions & Leavers - Leavers - Cancel Leaver 1. Highlight the pupil and click on CANCEL LEAVER. DO NOT USE THE CHANGE DETAILS OPTION AS THIS MAY LEAVE A COPY OF THE RECORD AT THE PREVIOUS ZONED SECONDARY SCHOOL 2. Now go back to number 1 above and follow steps 1-9 to mark the pupil(s) as leaver to the secondary school they are going to. There is no ‘2nd export’ or any need to mark the pupils as leavers again as the Academies can refresh provisional data at their end to pull through any updates that have been made since the export. If any ‘new’ P7 pupils enrol in school before 6th July, steps 1 to 9 should be followed for these pupils. If any pupil’s destination school changes please follow the instructions given in SECTION 2 above (once the record is rejected back to you). If a pupil is going to an independent school, be sure to change the Reason for Leaving to Transferred to Independent School in Scotland and select