P7-S1 Transition - P7 Authority Tab Access (Primary)

Assigning Access to Authority Tab for P7 Teacher To ensure a teacher can enter details for P7 – S1 transition please follow these steps ###STEP 1 - CHECK WHICH MENU PROFILE THE USER HAS Data Utilities - Access Control - Assign User Profiles In this screen click on “New List” and see which “Menu Profile” the user has assigned. Example below has Teacher (black rectangle). Highlight the profile the user has assigned from the left hand side and then select the “View Access” button (RED circle). Open up “Records” to check to see if the “Edit” box has a tick in it. If the word “Edit” is in green (with tick) go to Step 3. If the word “Edit” is not in green (no tick) go to Step 2. Please note that having Records > Edit does not mean records can be edited. This is controlled in Step 3. ###STEP 2 - ASSIGN DIFFERENT MENU PROFILE Data Utilities - Access Control - Assign User Profiles Please note that The MIS Team have created a Menu Profile called P7 Teacher in each primary. This has the same access as your Teacher Menu Profile with the addition of Records > Edit. Highlight the user requiring access to Records > Edit and click on the “P7 Teacher” Menu from the list of profiles on the left hand side of the screen and then click on “Assign”. Go to Step 3.   ###STEP 3 - GRANT EDIT ACCESS TO AUTHORITY TAB To allow P7 teachers to enter in details for the P7 – S1 Transition they will require access to the Authority Tab in Records > Edit of SEEMiS Click+Go To assign access to this tab for P7 teachers, go to: Data utilities - Access Control - Edit Data Settings 1. In this screen click on “New List” button and select appropriate staff member (one at a time). 2. Select the “Record Edit Access” tab. In this screen the users have three possible options: None (no access at all) View (see the contents but not edit) Edit (see and edit the data in this tab) 3. The User will need to be give the EDIT option (as screen shot below) to the Authority Tab. 4. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes. Repeat for any other P7 teachers. Access to the other tabs in Records > Edit can be controlled here. It is possible that access was setup for last year’s P7 teacher, so this could be removed by repeating the above but giving last year’s teacher the NONE option.