Bullying + Equalities - Adding and Maintaining an Incident

BULLYING + EQUALITIES The Bullying and Equalities menu enables schools to enter and maintain details of any alleged incident of discrimination reported to them. The school can enter details of the alleged incident, the nature of the incident and motivations. It also enables them to monitor, review and record any actions progressed. The form can be completed at relevant stages throughout this process, however all mandatory fields (marked in red) must be completed before saving. Once a Bullying and Equalities Incident has been created the system will also create the following against each pupil involved with the incident: > A Bullying & Equalities document listing details of the incident. This is visible in Records > Edit > Pupil Profile > Documents. A user requires a Document Management Profile that has access granted for Bullying Incident (Data Utilities > Edit/Assign User Profile) to see this. Please see examples 1 and 2. > A Pastoral Note in Latest Pastoral Notes. The note does not include any of the incident details. It will only say the pupil is involved in a B&E incident and will give the number of the Incident. Please see example 3. A Bullying & Equalities Incident cannot be deleted, therefore, if an incident is entered in error please contact the MIS Team who will do work in the background to reduce the visibility of the incident within Click+Go. ##1. ADDING A NEW INCIDENT Application - Management - Bullying and Equalities - Maintain Incident ###1.1 BASIC INFO 1. Click the ellipsis button to the right of Reported To, filter to select appropriate member of staff 2. Click OK 3. Click the ellipsis button to the right of Incident Owner, filter to select appropriate member of staff 4. Click OK 5. To change this information, repeat the above steps Only those members of staff who have been given access to Confidential Notes in the Responsibility Tab under Edit Data Settings will be displayed. 6. Update Addressed By in the same way 7. Select the Incident Location from the dropdown list 8. Select Incident Date and Incident Time 9. The field Reported By is a free text field. Details of who reported the incident can be entered here. Click the question mark symbol in each text field to display help on the information required for that field. Hover the mouse pointer over this symbol to display the characters available and characters space left in this field. The green bar at the bottom of this field will increase in length as you enter text. Once this bar reaches the right hand side of the box the maximum number of characters has been reached. ###1.2 ALLEGED INCIDENT All mandatory fields must be completed for Alleged Incident. 1. Click Add Pupil in the Person(s) Experiencing field 2. Filter to select the appropriate pupil, click OK 3. If required repeat the above steps for any staff members to be added to the Person(s) Experiencing area 4. Pupil and staff can be added to the Person(s) Displaying field in the same way 5. Pupil or staff names added to the above fields can be removed by selecting name to be removed and clicking Remove Pupil or Remove Staff button 6. Other people involved in the incident can be added by entering their details in the appropriate free text fields ###1.3 NATURE OF INCIDENT 1. Select the relevant ‘Nature of Incident’ option from the drop down list, Click Add When in the dropdown, hovering over an item can provide relevant examples 2. If you select Other from the pick list of options provided, the details must be entered in the appropriate text field on the right of the screen 3. To remove an item added in error, select the item then click Remove 4. The Characteristics field can be completed in the same way 5. Enter the relevant details of the incident in the Incident Detail text field 6. Click SAVE ###1.4 MONITOR/REVIEW The Monitor/Review field can be completed at the appropriate stage. 1. Filter and select the incident to be monitored or reviewed 2. The pick list of staff in the Reviewer field will only show those staff who have access to Confidential Notes 3. Enter the Due date when appropriate 4. Enter Complete date when appropriate 5. The fields are then split into two areas, Person(s) Experiencing and Person(s) Displaying 6. Select the appropriate option from the pick list provided for each field 7. Click SAVE ###1.5 ACTION PROGRESSED Details of the investigative process carried out, as well as the conclusion, can be entered for the incident. 1. Enter the relevant details of the action progressed in the Investigative Procedures text box 2. Select the appropriate option from the Investigation Conclusion drop down list 3. Click the NONE button next to the pupil name in the Person(s) Experiencing and Person(s) Displaying fields 4. A Person Experiencing Actions or Person Displaying Actions box will now appear 5. Select the appropriate option from the drop down list, click TAKE ACTION 6. Where applicable tick that the action has been taken and enter any notes as necessary 7. Click SAVE 8. Click CLOSE when all actions have been added ###1.6 DELETE AN ACTION 1. To delete an action, click the button under Action to view the actions assigned to the individual 2. The action(s) assigned will now be listed, click the double arrows to expand the action, this will display the delete button 3. Click DELETE to remove the action 4. Click CLOSE ##2. MAINTAIN AN EXISTING INCIDENT This facility also enables the user to update or amend an existing incident. Application > Management > Bullying and Equalities > Maintain Incident 1. Click the magnifying glass at the top left of the screen 2. Filter if required by date, ID, Staff or Pupil 3. Click NEW LIST 4. Click to select the incident to be viewed 5. Click to the right of the screen or double click the incident to close the filter screen 6. Make the necessary changes   ##3. EXAMPLES OF ADDITIONAL RECORDINGS OF BULLYING & EQUALITIES INCIDENT ###EXAMPLE 1 Bullying & Equalities Document Location (Application > Records > Pupil Profile > Pupil documents) ###EXAMPLE 2 Bullying & Equalities Document ###EXAMPLE 3 Bullying & Equalities Pastoral Note