Help with Glow Accounts

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[DigiLearn] Glow Account Issues

Typical Glow Account Issues

Glow accounts should be managed automatically as they are synchronised with SEEMiS every night. New staff and pupil accounts will appear in Glow the day after they have been enrolled at school.

Sometimes this doesn't happen for a variety of reasons. The main reason for a staff account not appearing in Glow is because the 'Data Sharing with Glow' box has not been ticked in their SEEMiS record. Other issues can be caused by a missing GTC number or incorrect start dates.

Your local SEEMiS administrator should be able to fix these type of problems for you directly.

Staff moving in to the area from outside Aberdeen City can sometimes have difficulty with their Glow account moving across due to discrepancies between their old and new account details on SEEMiS.

Your school Glow administrator should be able to help you with many Glow issues - contact your Digital Co-ordinator to find out who your Glow administrator is